Best oil for acne free skin

Comedogenic ratings for common ingredients

A lot of products these days use buzzwords such as “organic” and “non-comedogenic” to appeal to more health-conscious customers, but what does that actually mean for your skin and in particular, acne prone skin? […]

3 step oil cleansing infographic

Oil for acne prevention part 2: Oil Cleansing.

This is part two in my four-part series on how to treat and prevent acne using oil. If you’ve missed part one, please see it here in order to catch up!

Now without further ado…

Oil dropper

Why you should add oils to your acne prevention routine

Oil can help you control and possibly eliminate your acne. Yes, you read that right.

If you’re someone, who like me, has suffered through terrible acne, this bit of advice may sound a bit insane…but it’s true; putting (the right) oils on your face can make your face less oily and less acne prone. […]