How to practice mindfulness when traveling

In my opinion, when it comes to going to another country, there are two kinds of people: those who visit and then there are those who TRAVEL. Being a traveler (as opposed to just a visitor) can be achieved in a number of different ways, but at the very core […]

Budgeting can be simple with the right strategy

How to Budget when you’re bad at budgeting

The following is a piece I wrote from my time as a financial advisor. After working with several clients, one thing became obvious- many people don’t budget, and with good reason. Budgets can be intimidating, and frankly, it just doesn’t sound …sexy. […]

Best oil for acne free skin

Comedogenic ratings for common ingredients

A lot of products these days use buzzwords such as “organic” and “non-comedogenic” to appeal to more health-conscious customers, but what does that actually mean for your skin and in particular, acne prone skin? […]